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Our Philosophy

  • At CCAOC we have developed a specific training program unique to the needs and realities in Canada.
  • Currently our training is live online using Zoom.
  • We encourage each trainee, it at all possible, to observe one of our facilitators in consultation as well as in performing an actual ceremony.
  • Each trainee is required to fulfill all the requirements of training and certification.
  • Each trainee is required to agree to our code of conduct and agreement.
  • Each Certified Celebrant is required to perform a minimum of one Celebration of Life each year in order to remain active as a CCAOC member.
  • We believe that each Life Celebration is unique and requires a tremendous amount of flexibility on behalf of the Celebrant. To that end it is our belief that all trainees need to have a grasp of the cultural norms in our society as it relates to faith practices and principles.
  • Although many Life Celebrations do not include religious content a persons faith heritage still plays a significant role in ceremony styles and choices.
  • As seasoned Life Celebration Specialists we have many years of experience. Having participated in thousands of funerals we tell lots of stories and share lots of helpful tips on how to be the best.
  • We are not text book focused, we are life focused.
  • We are active celebrants. It is our life and our passion. We train from this perspective.