Code of Conduct CCAOC Seal

All Celebrants of CCAOC are in agreement with the following Code of Conduct:

  • To support the values of CCAOC in word and action and to maintain the highest professional standard as a Celebrant.
  • To always follow best business practices and provide the best quality, service, and value to individuals, couples and families. All fees, payment expectations, and non-refundable will be clearly and fully communicated in advance. All initial consultations with those investigating using a Celebrant will be "no-obligation", with no high pressure sales tactics.
  • To reply to all inquiries, questions, criticism, and comments in a timely manner. To be accessible by as many electronic means as possible. All contact and website information is to be current and accurate.
  • To work with individuals, couples, and families to craft personalized ceremonies that reflect their values, style, beliefs, personality, and culture provided that can be done in good conscience by the Celebrant.
  • To present each ceremony with communication excellence by pronouncing names correctly, using appropriate language, and adding personal touches.
  •  To ensure all details of each ceremony are accurate, including names, dates, places, personal and historical information.
  • To dress "business professional" at all ceremonies or to honour any special attire requests made by the couple or family provided this can be done in good conscience by the Celebrant.
  • To arrive at the ceremony location 30 minutes before start time.
  • To protect all personal information collected. No information collected will be used other than for the purpose for which it was received.
  • To never take advantage of any clients by making advancements of a personal or sexual nature.
  • To never claim or infer ownership of content in a ceremony that has been created by someone else. To be able to accurately cite the name and author of any poem, reading, music, or quotation used in the ceremony.
  • To follow all local, provincial and federal rules, legal and industry guidelines and professional protocols as they relate to life celebrations and rites of passage.
  • To be fair and objective in all dealings and never to discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, creed, colour, age or personal disability.