dawn easton

My Connection with CCAOC:

  • I have been part of the CCAOC team since its inception in 2009.
  • In over 10 years of community ministry I have assisted hundreds of families in planning their Life Celebration Services.

My Personal Story:

  • I was born in the country.
  • I have four sisters and no brothers.

My Family:                   

  • I am married to Len, whose personality compliments mine completely.
  • We have no children...just cats, who have become our babies.

Life's Journeys & Experiences:

  • I am a licensed funeral director and a licensed insurance agent.
  • I have been involved with Rotary International, The MS Society and T.E.R.T (Tragic Events Response Team)
  • I volunteer at a local long term care facility.

Some Of My Favorite Things:

  • Travelling: My favorites destinations are Belgium, France and Mexico.
  • Sports: Volleyball and golf...which needs improvement.
  • Music: The 80's and country.
  • Food: Indian, Mexican and Italian.
  • Domestic: Gardening, canning and cooking.